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"I miss you," he tells her.

She stops and sighs. She turns to him. “I miss you too…” He steps in front of her. “I want you to want me. Not for sex or my body…but me.”

"I do. I understand you’ve been with guys that tried to take advantage of you…but i’m not that type of person. I want all of you! From the tiny little pieces that make you who you are, to your overall thoughts and personality. I Want It All!"

She smiles as he references a HSM2 song. He smiles back. “Really?” she says shakily.

He nods. “Yeah..I want this to be The Start Of Something New.” She licks her lips. He smirks a little. “You and me. We Can Work This Out. I Just Wanna Be With You. “

She tucks hair behind her ear and can’t help but smile.

"Are you going to make me keep going?"

She giggles. “Yeah.”

He lets out a breath. “You don’t Gotta Go Your Own Way.” He takes her hands. “I’m running out of things…”

"I have one…you…" She stares at his face. "You Are The Music In Me. You’re everything I want and need." She looks at their hands and then back at him. "Right Here, Right Now…you make me so happy."

He smiles. “Can I…” he whispers. “Can we kiss now?”

She laughs but nods. He steps closer to her and presses his lips against hers.

They’re sitting at the edge of his bed. He turns to her and pokes at her side. She jumps a little and turns to him. He smiles.

"What?" She says. He just shakes his head and continues to smile. She pokes his nose and she smiles. "You’re so cute."

"Me? Nah." He shakes his head. "You? Yeah!" He leans towards her. She bites her lip and he gets closer and they kiss. 

She falls back on the bed and his hands hold at her waist. Her one hand is on his neck while her other hand holds at his arm. He kisses down to her neck. One of his hands slips to her chest.

She begins to pull at his shirt, wanting to take it off. He pulls back and pulls off his shirt and then connects his lips with hers again. She runs her hands over his shoulders. He sits up, bringing her up with him and she begins to kiss down his neck and to his shoulder.

His hands trace her back and then he slowly pulls off her shirt. They press their heads together. He pecks her lips. Her heart is racing. Her hands rest on his upper thighs as he holds at her waist. He kisses her nose.

She presses one of her hands against his chest and kisses him.

She checks her phone and still no text from him. She sighs and throws her phone beside her.

He looks at her and takes a seat beside her. “Are you still seeing that guy?”

She lets out a small laugh. “How would I know? He never calls or texts. It’s been 2 weeks! I thought things were…good. I mean…” she sighs. “I don’t want to let go…I thought he actually cared and…wanted to be with me.”

"He doesn’t seem worth your time. He’s playing you. I mean…that night when he was dancing with that other girl…and then how he doesn’t return your calls…He’s pushing you away. ignoring you, and that’s not okay. That’s rude! He should flat out tell you! He’s not worth your stress and your time. Forget him! You deserve someone a lot better. You will find someone. Stop wasting your thoughts about him…"

She sighs. “I just don’t want to believe it. I don’t get what I did wrong. What made him lose interest in me?” She looks at him.

"It’s his lost. His stupidity!"

She looks down. “It won’t be that easy to just forget about him…”

He puts his arm around her and she rests against him. “I know.”

She sits next to him. He looks down. She turns to him and there is a silence between them. She stares at him and doesn’t know how to start the conversation. “Um, do you want to talk about it?” 

He doesn’t respond. She nods. “I don’t know what’s going on…but I’m here for you.”

He lifts his head at those words but he doesn’t look at her. “I…” He can’t finish. She looks at him waiting. He turns to her and a tear falls from his eye. “I’m sorry…”

She shakes her head and touches his leg. “Don’t be!”

"I am." More tears fall. He looks down.

She rests her head on his shoulder and rubs his arm. “It will be okay. It will be okay,” she repeats. He cries and she feels as his body shakes.

She turns away from him and tears build in her eyes. “Please…just go away.”


She turns to him. “I AM HURTING! IT HURTS EVERYDAY! I WANT TO JUST…” Tears pour down her cheek. She lets out an aggravated breath. “Just let me give up. Please…I want to give up,” she begs.

"No." He hugs her from behind. "Please."

She cries hard. “Please…let go…let go. It hurts too much…i’m done.” She tries to pull out his grip but he holds tighter. She falls to the floor and he stays holding her. 

"Yeah, I know," she says on the phone as she sits on her bed. "Exactly."

He comes in and leans against the door. She looks at him. He winks at her. She smiles. “Who is it?” He asks her.

She doesn’t answer him, she just responds, “Oh…see I thought that was happening.”

"What’s happening?" She holds up her pointer finger, indicating one second. He gets an idea. "This can be happening.." He takes off his shirt.

She looks at him. “What are you doing?” She mouths.

He goes over to her and sits next to her. He kisses her ear, then her cheek, and then her neck.

She puts her hand on his leg and then chest to try to stop him but he tugs at her shirt a little and kisses her shoulder.

She tilts her head to the side and closes her eyes. “Uh..I might…call you back Stephanie…”

He nibbles at her neck and then whispers, “Nooo.”

She laughs and turns to him and kisses his lips. They fall back on the bed and he kisses from her chin and then lifts up her shirt and begins pecking her stomach.

She giggles and he slides his hands up her shirt and looks at her. She attacks his lips.

He mumbles, “Still talking to Stephanie?”

"Oh!" She pulls back and puts the phone to her ear. "Steph?"

"Going…," Stephanie replies.

"Haha, byee." She hangs up and he gets on top of her and she laughs.

There’s a knock at her dorm door. She gets off her bed and walks to the door. “Who is it?” She opens the door slightly and stares at him blankly.

He swallows. “Beth.”

She begins to close the door in his face. He quickly slams his hand against it. “Go away,” she says mad.

"I’m sorry…" He pushes the door open wider.

"Sorry? You…Forget it." She shakes her head. "Just leave me alone!"

"No." He walks in.

She turns away from him. “Why didn’t you just say you like someone else? Why lead me on…and then just…leave?! All you had to do was tell me!” Tears build in her eyes.

"I…It’s complicated. I just…"

She turns to him and a tear slides down her cheek. “All you had to do was say the truth! What’s complicated about that? HUH! YOU SAID YOU WOULDN’T LIE TO ME! I BELIEVED YOU…I TRUSTED YOU…” She turns away and tears stream down her face.

He wraps his arms around her, hugging her from behind. She tries to rip out of his grip. “I’m sorry…please.”

She gets out of his grip and turns to him hurt. “Get out! Leave me alone!” She pushes him. “Don’t talk to me! Don’t touch me!”

"I like you," he tells her.

She shakes her head. “No, you don’t!”

"I do."

"No, you don’t," she repeats.


She turns away from him. “Stop.”

"I do…you just don’t want me to. You don’t like the fact I accept you." He stands behind her. "You can’t believe that someone can accept all of you. That someone likes the good and the bad of you. The ugly and the beautiful. Your destruction and sunrise."

Tears build in her eyes and she bites her lip. She swallows and then turns to him. “You can’t hurt me. I’m already hurting. I’m already low…but you? I will hurt you. You will get hurt…and I don’t want that. You don’t need that.”

"Why can’t you just let us work?" He asks annoyed.

"Because you’re living in a fairy tale!"

"I’m not."

"I’m not your princess…"

"i never thought you were."

She sniffs.

"Amy, I can’t keep doing this." He says to her. He sits on a bench.

She looks at him. “Doing what?”

"Worrying about you! You’re so…so closed! Just when I think you trust me…it feels you close right up again. Why can’t you trust me?" He looks at her.

"I do. I really do…Don’t you get it!?"

He stands up. “Obviously not.”

"Everything…my life is so messed up! But with you…I just want you…I want to be open with you! I try to…but things are so complicated! Things suck!" She turns away from him. She looks down and sighs. "I’m not trying to push you away. That’s the last thing I want to do. I want you and I to work."

He steps behind her. “I want us to work too.”

She turns to him. “I’m sorry.” He sighs. “When everything sucks…when I don’t think I can turn to anyone…I think of you. You’re the comfort I need. Don’t give up on me.”

She lies in her bed and closes her eyes. She pictures his face. He runs his hand along her hair and whispers, “You’re beautiful.” She opens her eyes and tears build.

"You were lying." She sits up and flashbacks of that night fill her memory. He pulls off her shirt and she hugs herself, feeling awkward. He smiles at her and says, “You’re so cute.’ She swallowed and stared at him. “Are you okay?” He asked her and she nodded. He touched her hands softly and removed them from around her. He kisses her forehead, then her nose, then her lips.

She opens her eyes and runs her hands across her hair. “So stupid! I’m so stupid!” She runs to the bathroom and strips off her clothes. She steps into the shower holding her face rag. She turns on the water and more flashes come to her.

They’re in bed and he kisses her as his hand slides down her body.

She opens her eyes and begins to cry in the shower. “He touched me…I let you touch me…I let you…” She tries to scrub him off of her. Scrub that night off of her. “I trusted you! I…Why? Why?” She bangs against the wall. “You lied…”

She thinks about the conversation they had days after that night. “What was a mistake!? What do you mean you wish it never happened? WHAT!?” She was getting mad at him.

He swallowed, looked at her and said, “I slept with Emma.”

In that moment she felt sick, dirty, used, and hurt. She wanted to hit him and scream but all she did was run away.

"Why did I lose my virginity to you?" She cries.

themed by coryjohnny for tumblr